Marshmallow Experiment + Why It is Important to My Lasagna Story

A while back I drafted an article about developing concentration skills in young children. This exercise made me fall deep down the rabbit hole, and I read a study on children being experimented on. Each child in the study was given a marshmallow. The adult would leave the room and the instructions were explicit: the child should not eat the marshmallow during the adult’s absence from the room, and if the child complied, he would be rewarded with another marshmallow on top of the one presented to him earlier. Research (and I’m on my phone, so once I get on my computer I will share the link) shows that children who are able to delay gratification become more successful adults.

I laughed at the research because now that explains everything and why I am unable to succeed in adulthood. I am just not able to delay gratification! Of course there are other factors that affect my chances of success, my gender is one, the fact that I am a minority is another. We lot can succeed, but the chances are reduced and to attain something a member of the majority race could easily do, we have to jump through all these arbitrary hoops and then you’d find that in the end, it wouldn’t even matter.

Over the past two days I really wanted to eat lasagna, and I could already taste the meat, the generous amount of mozzarella, and the overall saucy, gooey goodness. So I was a woman on a mission, and that mission was to find pasta sheets. If I could wait for the local supermarket chain to deliver me a box, I might be able to eat by this weekend. Alternatives included buying store-bought lasagna from one of the pizza places, or a frozen one (which was insanely cheap) but I was determined to make something with ingredients I bought and my own two hands. So I didn’t want to wait for pasta sheet delivery, and I went to two supermarkets to get them. Both supermarkets did not have them, and I am not sure if it’s because it’s just not common in my country, or people just buy online.

So. I made my own pasta sheets. It was such a workout, one I would remember for a longggg time, and I laughed thinking this was why I could never be successful, but hey if you think about it, because I didn’t want to delay gratification, I made pasta sheet from scratch, because I am a determined person.

I don’t have a pasta machine and I wasn’t going to buy it just for one project. I don’t actually own any fancy or expensive kitchenware. I am interested in making delicious food, and I feel the true test of skills is when you only have the ingredients, your hands, a good knife, and your mother’s old but reliable equipment. I am pretty sure if I were bathing in cash I would not sing the same tune. I am not broke, but I would not want to spend a lot on fancy stuff I don’t always use.

Unfortunately I was not able to make a uniform size, because it was extremely difficult to handle thin sheets of pasta
Sorry for the blur picture but my casserole dish looked like this
What went into the oven
What came out of the oven

As a special treat I made bechamel sauce and poured it over my lasagna. I should hold the mozzarella, although it lent some flavour to my lasagna.

Bon App├ętit!


Ever since the circuit breaker (aka ‘lockdown’) measures were implemented in my country, I have been watching a lot of Netflix and TV series, and I have to say I have fallen into some kind of routine where I just wanna watch and keep watching. I have not been reading much apart from anything related to my business. So if you have book recommendations, please send them my way. I think it has been a while since I read a novel.

I have caught up on Monk (it’s this show that ran in the early aughts) and I am on Season 5. I don’t think when it originally aired I got past Season 4. I didn’t watch Seasons 5 – 8 mainly because I was reaching my 20s, and I was hardly home. It is still one of my favourite things to watch. I think one of the reasons I go back to watching it is because my mom used to buy me the DVDs when I was young and I always feel close to her when I watch it.

This is from one of my favourite episodes (Season 2 Episode 1: Mr. Monk Goes Back to School). The killer in this episode was played by Andrew McCarthy

Speaking of Andrew McCarthy, I am now watching his son (Sam McCarthy) on the Netflix TV show ‘Dead to Me’. My ex-colleague and friend introduced it to me. After a bit of resistance I decided to give it a try. I was immediately hooked. I am taking a break from it now though, because it gets a bit dark, (no spoilers I promise!) and I don’t want to pop a Xanax before I watch TV.


I like the show a lot, but I have watched Linda Cardellini since I was young (and so was she) so every time I see her nasolabial folds I am reminded that I too am old. Also watch it if you’re OK with the F word flying around (I am OK because that’s basically how I talk in real life, but for the record I am the ‘oh, fuck!’ instead of ‘fuck youuuuu!!!’ kind of person) because it’s quite adult language.

Good Girls

I also have watched three entire seasons of Good Girls. I enjoyed the first two seasons. Season 3 is a bit slow-paced for me. Can’t quite put a finger on why I don’t really like it aside from the pacing. No spoilers I promise.

James Spader in The Blacklist

Of course, nothing beats The Blacklist (except maybe Breaking Bad!) and I just finished watching the season finale. I mostly watch The Blacklist because of Raymond Reddington (James Spader’s character) because I seriously cannot stand the Elizabeth Keen character (I don’t find her resourceful, I think Red spoon feeds her a lot!) because a lot of other characters are way better! Tell me what you think about that season finale (if you’ve watched).

Dang. I watch a lot of TV. I like clever TV writing. When I was a teenager I really wanted to be a TV writer but I’m not sure if local TV is any good.

What TV shows do you watch?