About Me

Hi everyone! Welcome to my blog. I share posts mostly about food I make, observations in my daily life, and some anecdotes about work and my mental health (these two things affect each other).

I am a 30-something female living in Singapore with my dad and cat. In my spare time I enjoy visiting the museum, listening to, and discovering different genres of music, Netflixing, reading books about parenting (ironic because I don’t want children) and writing. I do enjoy the occasional video game, but not much. I like Legos, watching ASMR YouTube videos. I am bilingual (English and an Asian language) but took some French and Spanish classes (don’t speak, but French is a bit easier to read for me).

After the COVID-19 is over I’d like to change some things: be a bit more social while maintaining a distance, and learn how to better manage diabetes, and my bipolar.

I’d love to receive comments, so if you’d like me to follow you, let me know.

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