Life and Why I Can’t Sleep

Over these past few days I have been obsessing over a new-found hobby (me and my shenanigans). The lockdown in my country has been lifted and I was glad to see a lot of my friends. But we had either one-on-one or small group dates. 🙂 One of my best friends had a baby 8 months ago and I have seen her baby only twice in those 8 months because we were just busy trying to stay alive during the circuit breaker, and she no longer lives near me. I even carried baby around town on Saturday using a carrier. She fell asleep! I take that as a compliment! She is so precious. At one point while we were out we were trying to secure the milk bottle but not sure what happened but the bottle leaked and we had to deal with one wet baby. I don’t want children, it doesn’t mean I don’t like children, but I can’t really entertain the idea so to borrow baby times from friends is quite nice sometimes.

The following day I met J, my friend from work. We were colleagues for a short while but she was furloughed, and reminds me so much of me and my mom. I think I really enjoy her company, hearing her thoughts, and I find it fun and funny when we’re trying to prevent each other from spending a lot of money. But she brought me to two stationery shops so of course I bought a lot of stationery. I think I’m out 200 dollars.

My new-found hobby is DJ-ing. I would like to buy decks. Went to recce (reconnaissance) DJ decks at a shop in an area I used to hang out a lot, and while I had zero clue where to start aside from whatever resources my brother could find, I wasn’t really that keen to purchase anything just yet. Then I started thinking about costumes to wear and what to do and what to play for my debut! I won’t be able to link the stream here (for the sake of my privacy) but if you find my DJ stream just say Hi. DJ equipment is expensive (all hobbies I like are expensive) so I don’t want to overspend because I am not sure I can sustain the interest, but at the same time I don’t want crappy equipment. I generally enjoy music and I believe with some direction I am able to come up with entertaining sets. I actually don’t care if my streams get any views; my goal is just to put myself out there and entertaining myself.

I am suddenly hungry. So that is my update. Since the time I discovered I could DJ myself I have been collecting songs I felt were good to play during my debut. I’m thinking a 2-hour set. When my brother called two days ago I gave him a short rundown of what’s happening in my life and he can be a wet blanket but this was the first time he was supportive of my 5-minute endeavour.

Every time I blog I get extremely sleepy so I will rest now.

Talk to you soon.

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