Ever since the circuit breaker (aka ‘lockdown’) measures were implemented in my country, I have been watching a lot of Netflix and TV series, and I have to say I have fallen into some kind of routine where I just wanna watch and keep watching. I have not been reading much apart from anything related to my business. So if you have book recommendations, please send them my way. I think it has been a while since I read a novel.

I have caught up on Monk (it’s this show that ran in the early aughts) and I am on Season 5. I don’t think when it originally aired I got past Season 4. I didn’t watch Seasons 5 – 8 mainly because I was reaching my 20s, and I was hardly home. It is still one of my favourite things to watch. I think one of the reasons I go back to watching it is because my mom used to buy me the DVDs when I was young and I always feel close to her when I watch it.

This is from one of my favourite episodes (Season 2 Episode 1: Mr. Monk Goes Back to School). The killer in this episode was played by Andrew McCarthy

Speaking of Andrew McCarthy, I am now watching his son (Sam McCarthy) on the Netflix TV show ‘Dead to Me’. My ex-colleague and friend introduced it to me. After a bit of resistance I decided to give it a try. I was immediately hooked. I am taking a break from it now though, because it gets a bit dark, (no spoilers I promise!) and I don’t want to pop a Xanax before I watch TV.


I like the show a lot, but I have watched Linda Cardellini since I was young (and so was she) so every time I see her nasolabial folds I am reminded that I too am old. Also watch it if you’re OK with the F word flying around (I am OK because that’s basically how I talk in real life, but for the record I am the ‘oh, fuck!’ instead of ‘fuck youuuuu!!!’ kind of person) because it’s quite adult language.

Good Girls

I also have watched three entire seasons of Good Girls. I enjoyed the first two seasons. Season 3 is a bit slow-paced for me. Can’t quite put a finger on why I don’t really like it aside from the pacing. No spoilers I promise.

James Spader in The Blacklist

Of course, nothing beats The Blacklist (except maybe Breaking Bad!) and I just finished watching the season finale. I mostly watch The Blacklist because of Raymond Reddington (James Spader’s character) because I seriously cannot stand the Elizabeth Keen character (I don’t find her resourceful, I think Red spoon feeds her a lot!) because a lot of other characters are way better! Tell me what you think about that season finale (if you’ve watched).

Dang. I watch a lot of TV. I like clever TV writing. When I was a teenager I really wanted to be a TV writer but I’m not sure if local TV is any good.

What TV shows do you watch?

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