Croque Madame

When I was in my early twenties I got fired from my office job. I used to think it’s because the job didn’t fit my personality (and vice versa) and after about a month at home (I was fired, so I probably wouldn’t have gotten good, or any, references!) I applied to be a cook. I had zero cooking experience but I really wanted to try something other than administrative work. A sous chef in one of the French restaurants in Singapore hired me. It’s not exactly a restaurant (they wouldn’t call themselves that) but it’s not exactly a tea salon, either. They sold desserts (which I decorated), too, and I picked up some cooking. I was hired because I was cute (true story).

On my first day at the job I was chopping celery or potatoes, and I cried. I turned to my boss and told her I probably made a mistake taking the job, because I’d never teared so much in my life.

She laughed a little and told me “Nooo. I’m kind of heating up a batch of onions!”

One of the things I enjoyed making at home then (this was circa 2010, when I was still doing part-time university, and my brother was in full-time uni) was the croque madame. It’s not so much about how good it tasted or how easy it was to make, but I still look back at this episode in my life nostalgically. I always made it for my brother. Never mind I got fired. Never mind I took a job that paid half of what I previously earned.

It’s basically a grilled cheese sandwich, with a béchamel sauce (but I never make this at home!), topped with a runny sunny side up.

I made it today, and I was mildly upset with how the egg turned out, it was a bit burnt on the sides, but here you go:

In place of béchamel I opted to just put some cream sauce from a can.
Sprinkled some pepper and bits of coriander (the stem?) which actually gave it a bit of a crunch and some ‘herb-al’ flavour
Look at how my egg runs!

To make it just assemble a ham sandwich, you can choose to remove the crust, I don’t, and you put the sauce either on all layers or pour it over the sandwich. I added some cheese (don’t wanna spend money so I used block cheddar :p) and stuck it in the oven for around 8-10 minutes 150 degrees Celsius. Toward the end of the toasting you can fry your egg.

Voila! ♥️♥️

Like a true Singaporean who likes east meets west (haha) I ruined it by eating it with bottled chili sauce. Haha

Give it a try! If you’d like the béchamel recipe, let me know and I’ll give it in my next post.

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