List of Random Things on My Mind

– I bought an oven. My old oven went kaput when I needed it most so I bought a new one at the supermarket near where I stay. I also wanted to get a vacuum cleaner but I couldn’t carry two heavy things. I was averse to the idea of having the supermarket deliver the items because I cannot delay gratification and needed the items then.

– I still don’t have a new vacuum cleaner.

– I used to read a lot. Preferred print to e-books but right now even though I seem to have more time, because I no longer commute, I just can’t sit down for more than an hour at a time reading.

– I realised I wanted a family. Not children; I just can’t afford them. I meant husband. I used to think marriage was an artificial arrangement. Now I am warming up to the idea. This COVID-19 really doesn’t only kill, it plants funny ideas in our heads. The one person I want to marry doesn’t want to get married, at all, it is not a me thing, it is a him thing, so I am not sure what’s going to happen. In this instance, what options do we have? Do we find someone else whose goals align with ours, or do we try to convince the person that marriage is gooood, then threaten them a bit with ‘If you don’t wanna marry me, I’m leaving you!!!’?

– I would like to bake something.

– I want to go to the museum.

– I miss my mom a lot, and have thought about suicide sometimes (how to marry if you have mental issues?). The hospital cancelled my appointments and moved them all to August. I understand the focus is on COVID-19 but diabetic bipolar people need their doctors, too.

– I should bake something like a cookie.

– I am still a bit sleepy so I shall sleep for a while.

– If you read my blog regularly, I want to know who you are. Send me a comment?

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