Places I’ve Been

Three weeks in the house minus the occasional errand and I am dreaming about a holiday. My dad wasn’t the only person who renewed his passport. I did, too about two months ago, and I haven’t traveled anywhere since May 2018. My mom died in 2018, and at that time I had an Australian boyfriend and I flew out to see him the first chance I had. Grief wasn’t really good for that relationship and I think we broke up the same month I flew to Australia. He lives in Sydney.

So Sydney. I’ve been twice. The first time I went I told people. The second time I went I think I only told my family. The thing about traveling or holidaying is I always know someone who lives wherever I am going. So they always want to meet. And I am not saying I don’t wanna meet them, because I am usually itinerary-less on my trips, but I am somewhat antisocial (sometimes) so I try not to tell people about my trips.

Sydney is like Singapore except everything closes at 5 or earlier. I live in Singapore. It is considered a small city if you compare it to Moscow or New York, but Sydney is something else. It’s like yeah it’s a city but at the same time it is rural. I did toy around the idea about moving there but I couldn’t handle the thought of everything closing at 5pm. Or possibly earlier because labour cost is expensive so why keep the shop open beyond 3pm? Plus it’s called Down Under for a reason and that is it’s so far away from the entire world. If you wanna get to Shanghai from Australia you’d have to fly for 13 hours. To Bangkok you need 10 hours. I get to Bangkok in 2.

I did nothing but eat and have sex in Sydney. That’s all I did. My ex-boyfriend worked in computing (another story for another day, because I always date software engineering men) so even when he took leave I’d just read a book while he worked for a while and then we’d go out to have lunch. Then walk. Then dinner. Then walk. Then back to the hotel. But when my mom died I had zero interest in sex so when I flew out to see him in May we fought more than we fucked. And even when we fucked it was horrendous because we were not in sync. He flew in the December before that to bring me to Sydney and we spent a quiet time in Singapore before that. And when my mom died I told him to fly to Singapore but he told me he couldn’t so he was gonna fly me out instead. This relationship made me realise I can’t do long distance and that I should stop dating computer dudes but I still did it (the latter).

I’ve never been to Europe. I’d like to take a solo trip but not anytime soon. When I travel people think I’m Chinese so I don’t want to be subject to racism while traveling. The Chinese of course don’t think I am Chinese.

Speaking of Chinese. I’ve been to China. I was in my very early twenties. My business school classmate and I didn’t want to travel to popular places such as Bangkok and Bali (I’ve never been to Bali) so we picked a Chinese city. We had to pick a city because neither of us could speak Mandarin so if you placed us in the middle of a very Chinese non-English speaking place we would probably die. I thought I couldn’t. Anyway this was before Wi-Fi and data roaming was cheap so we had to make do with a paper map (haha) and a phrase book. But we did OK, shopped like only a Singaporean could, and had tons of fun. We were broke by the second last night we were there and a Uyghur dude who had a noodle shop brought us to a 711 called Kedi to get us snacks. He even bought me cigarettes. Cigarettes cost at that time 1 singapore dollar and that’s really how broke we were. And we’re already eating at his shop for free. And he asked me to marry him. I should have said yes. Even though I had no idea what to reply him whenever he spoke to me. I understood damn well, but I just couldn’t reply except uh huh and no, no way.

Bangkok with my brother was fun. We shopped and ate like crazy. My sister-in-law always comes over to my house and tells me about cheap SQ (Singapore Airlines) tickets to Bangkok.

The only place I went to and didn’t shop was Sydney. That’s cause things were very expensive. I wanted to buy a jacket and I saw it was 300 dollars. But I did buy bras and panties. But I ate a lot in Sydney and that was expensive too. We easily spent about 400 dollars a day on food. In the states I got a jacket for 10 US dollars. So no way would I buy a 300 dollar jacket. My then boyfriend said it’s OK price but that’s cause he earned a lot of money. I believe he was a millionaire. But he drove a Honda. That’s how they remain millionaires. And when I was telling him how my Sydneysider friend was paying X amount a month he told me in less than a minute they borrowed X amount and had X number of years to pay. I think it’s a Chinese thing. They’re good with money and anything finance haha.

Yes my friends commented Singapore has so many Chinese you went to Australia to get one more. But the Chinese in Australia are unlike the Chinese in Singapore.

New York was and is always a good idea. F told me he doesn’t think so. I’ll tell you about F another time.

Indonesia is OK but mostly piss poor and being half Indo I know how to speak the main language so they usually speak Javanese amongst themselves to scam me. Dude. If my grandma hadn’t migrated to Singapore in the late 1930s you and me would practically be neighbours. I’d definitely speak Javanese! Still wanna scam me.

I’ve always wanted to go to Hokkaido. But I think it’s a place you should enjoy with a significant other. We shall see after this COVID situation is over. For someone who hasn’t been to Japan I know a lot about the place.

Where have you been?

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