Movies I Like

I have been working from home since three weeks ago or so. I’d like to say it’s been a month, but I am really not sure. Time seems to be moving quickly and coming to a standstill all at once. Like now when I roll out of bed I have to check my phone to see if it’s a weekday.

But the good part about working from home is I get to watch movies! I used to be the kind to go on Rotten Tomatoes to check the score and anything less than 70% I just didn’t watch. Because life is too short to read crap books and watch crap movies. I outgrew that thinking eventually, so now without relying on Rotten Tomatoes and other people’s opinions I watch and read with an open mind, and then form my own opinion. Sometimes I don’t even have an opinion about the media I consume, and I am perfectly OK with that. If it sucks, it sucks. It’s like belief in certain things. For example, marriage. Even if you believe in the sacredness of marriage and whatever the hell it stands for, if it doesn’t work out, it doesn’t work out. Your belief has nothing to do with it.

I digress.

Okay so I like mostly action or espionage movies and some of the best movies I’ve watched were discovered accidentally. Like The Godfather. I turned it on for my parents one time because they wanted to watch it, yet again, and I hung around and was hooked. It’s a movie I still watch when I want to put something on, and funnily it’s something I don’t skip/fast forward nor wince (I have a short attention span so this says a lot).

I like Die Hard and probably can remember the sound of the guns going off in every scene. People in my life always joke that’s my holiday movie (yes, I feel warm and fuzzy when I watch it. It always makes me want to make hot chocolate). I think I’ve watched it 84 times. Possibly more. If you think about it, I could have watched one Die Hard movie plus 83 non-Die Hards, but that was not how I lived my life, so I have a lot of catching up to do. I like Die Hard 3 too. Crappy score on RT. The one with Samuel L. Jackson and Jeremy Irons (I do have daddy issues). It’s set in New York. Aside from Die Hard the original and Die Hard 3 I don’t watch other Die Hards more than once. I’m still trying to finish the one with Maggie Q and the hackers. She is hot. But a bit too skinny.. If you asked me what that movie was about I could tell you now I’m not really sure. OK I just saw the Rotten Tomatoes score. 82%. That’s almost as good as El Camino.

I like The Thomas Crown Affair, too. The one with Pierce Brosnan. The scene I like most is of course when he comes back to the museum, puts on a bowler hat, and then police think they’re gonna catch him and he disappears into the crowd, with lookalikes in bowler hats walking around the museum serving as distraction. For a while after watching that movie I wanted to have a spy boyfriend who did this kind of exciting things. I also had very impure thoughts about Pierce Brosnan and spent some time thinking about my daddy issues.

I don’t understand movies such as Napoleon Dynamite or Pineapple Express so I don’t watch those. But I’d probably buy a T-shirt that says Vote For Pedro. If they had my size. I also don’t watch anything popular at the time of its release not because I want to be different, but because I like to take my own sweet time coming round to it.

I like Mean Girls. Probably watched it a hundred times. Also quite apt for me because according to someone I can be a vicious mean girl. Don’t get him wrong okay. I am not a vicious mean girl, but I can be, OK??? There is a difference!

Oh I liked Miss Congeniality for a while. And He’s Just Not That Into You. It’s one of those rom-coms I get. My sister says it’s the movie with three Jennifers. Jennifer Aniston. Jennifer Connelly (hot stuff) and Ginnifer Goodwin. So thats actually 2 Jennifers and 1 Ginnifer (Jennifer, too but not quite). However, I didn’t understand Valentine’s Day nor New Year’s Eve. It’s the same premise. Ensemble cast. I don’t know why they do that. It’s a rom goddamned com. Too many characters to keep track. Somebody is always related to somebody else in those movies and frankly it exhausts me.

I also spent a lot of time watching Bollywood movies. I liked Salaam Namaste when I was in my late teens. But I’m older now so if I had discovered it at 30 I’d probably not like it much. It’s classic crap. I did watch Junglee when my mom was still alive. We had spent a lot of time at Mustafa Centre and picked out old Bollywood movies.

I watch KL Gangster (Malay movie) anytime I have a link to watch the entire movie for free.

Funny story (at least to me). One time when I was around 15, my then best friend (we are ethnically the same, half Indonesian), let’s call her D, was hanging out at home with me. She saw a VCD (do you remember this??) of Mystery Men and told me “Hey I have the same VCD but it’s with A (our mutual friend)!” and there I was thinking all of us have watched the movie then. So when my brother came home I excitedly told him five different people including us have watched it. And my brother laughed and said D lent it to A, who lent it to her brother, who lent it to my brother. The very same VCD D touched was hers after all. We all no longer talk to one another. Last year my dad said he’d ask A’s parents why we no longer talked because we were so close as children. And I told my dad to knock it off don’t be uncool about it. We have all grown up! We make other friends.

Other movies I like/d: Leon the Professional, Taken (1 and 2), Takers, some Fast and Furious, Training Day, Ocean’s 11, Ocean’s 8 except the scene where Sandra Bullock’s character steals department store merchandise (that’s really unrealistic), The Help, Hot Fuzz, The Devil Wears Prada (this is one instance I like the movie more than I like the novel it was based on. Just skip the novel), White Chicks, most Guy Ritchie movies, some Wes Anderson (I think they’re designed nicely), Matilda. I’ve watched a lot of movies of course but these are the ones I like.

I think I need to watch more Malay movies. I have little knowledge about them and sometimes don’t understand references.

What movies do you like?

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