Things I Did Today

I have calmed down a bit. I think it is crucial as a person living with mental illness that I have a list of things to do (I won’t use the word ‘accomplish’) in a day because I feel really lousy when I don’t appear productive.

With that being said, even if I don’t feel like doing anything but maybe I take a shower or read, it should count for something.

Today I had eleven items on the list. At 2304 hours I have completed 7 items on the list. 2 will not be accomplished today. The rest of the 52 minutes will be spent doing the final two items I can muster some energy for.

At the end of the day, I have concluded that my list of items will be adjusted. I will do less than 11 items in a day, but focus on items that take longer or more brain power to do.

We will see tomorrow.

I have already taken my meds. I read a lot today (not scheduled), on top of doing the 7 items on my list.

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