Hello, World

I tried a different blogging platform in the past year and while I would consider myself extremely tech savvy, I wasn’t entirely happy with the interface. I didn’t like how the sections were organised and how the blog loaded on mobile.

When I first started blogging as a teenager, I had used ujournal, and then I switched to Livejournal, and then for a long time I used Blogger. I also had a (now-defunct) Multiply account, and I thought (still do!) that was a neat platform. You could write lengthy entries on your blog but have a separate section for photos. If you’re into that sort of thing. Then for the past few years before the switch I was on WordPress. I really liked it then.

Before I started this blog, I wanted to know its function so I could narrow it down to the platform that would be perfect for my blog. I’m not a huge fan of splashing photos (although I still use Instagram), and I know my posts will be sporadic. I of course want you to get to know me, the same way I hope to get to know you, but at the same time I wish to remain anonymous. Some of the things I will write here have never been shared with anyone else. They’re not raunchy stories. Just things I never really felt confident to talk about.

Just an introduction to start things off: I have a blog just to pass some time and entertain my friends. I chose the name Bonneka because it sounds close to my official name without really giving it away. I like to read, although like most other people who like to read too, I should probably read more. I also want to learn new things and my sense is when you must write something you will be forced to do research 😛

Other things (not crucial): I am a 30-something female and live in Singapore with my dad and our five-year-old cat. I have never been married. I don’t have children. Don’t plan to have children. I had been to one concert in my entire life.

I want to read comments, too! I am not too bothered if I don’t get any but say hello if you have the time, or like something you read.


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